Hello friends, today I’m back with a great trick of making free calls (local/national/worldwide) by using the internet. It’s quite expensive to make calls from our mobile to our friends who are living in other countries like America, Canada, China etc. Personally I’ve faced this situation when I tried to speak with my friend who lives in Miami, United States. The call rate was a bit high from India to USA. So I searched over the google whether is there any possibility to make free international calls by using the internet and thus I found this Numbertank. So as this numbertank is working great by offering free international calls, I started to use it regularly and it satisfies all my daily requirements. One particular thing I wanna mention about this numbertank is ‘Call quality is really awesome’.  So I decided to make a post: “How to make free calls (local/worldwide) by using Numbertank” for you all. 😀

You might think that there is ‘Whatsapp Call feature’ or other services to make free calls using the internet. But you must notice one difference which makes number tank so special from others is, “To use WhatsApp call feature, both the persons should be online. But here in Numbertank, only 1 person (calling one) needs the internet, whereas the receiver one doesn’t need the internet“. 😉 The call quality is awesome here (tested personally by me).





So giving you an introduction about what is Numbertank, how does this work, etc,

What is Numbertank? is a website to make free calls to our friends or other people who are offline. 

        Things to remember

  • Guys, You will get 30 free minutes every day that you login.
  • so unused minutes get carried over to the next day. 
  • You will get free minutes only if your total minutes are less than 100 minutes.


So every day within your 30 minutes, You can make as many calls to as many people as you want!! If you have 100 minutes or more, you won’t get any more minutes till you use some. You also have the option to earn more free minutes by completing offers. To do so click on ‘Earn more free minutes’ displayed right under your minutes count on your homepage.

But one drawback here with numbertank is the person whom you are calling should be a numbertank user. It means our friend should verify his mobile number with numbertank so that we can call that number whether he is online or offline. Of course, it takes only a few mins of time to register an account on So don’t worry!! It’s quite as simple as how you create a Facebook account. So once if you and your friend register accounts on numbertank, you can make free calls daily (lifelong). So go and tell your friends to join!! 🙂

So who can use this Numbertank?

Anyone can use this numbertank from anywhere in the world. 

To which countries you can call by using this Numbertank?

Right now, you can only call India, China, Singapore, USA, and Canada. They’re working hard to add more countries and I will let you know when they have added any more countries or you can check by directly going to their website.

So I suggest everyone to join this numbertank (free), bcoz it’s hard for us to pay bills by making calls daily to our friends who live in abroad. So why not utilizing this free international calls website? So join now as I’m too using it daily and enjoying the free calls a lot. So let us see the requirements to use this free call’s website,


  • Microphone in your laptop/computer.
  • Good internet connection (Either if you wanna use in cell or PC)
  • Google chrome browser or Torch browser (Sorry, no other browsers are supported).

So how to join  Numbertank?

Well, here there are two ways to join numbertank. One is by direct registration and another way is by invite system. You can choose any way which you like,

a) Joining by Direct registration: So to join directly, click here. This is the most easiest way to sign up for this site. But sometimes this feature may not be available. So in that case, we can join by invite system.


how to make Free Local/National/International calls?


b) Joining by Invite pattern: You can ask people who are using to invite you. For example, you can ask me to invite you by commenting below as I have a numbertank account. 

So to call our friend, our friend should a member of numbertank. so let’s see about adding our friends to, 

How to add your friends to Numbertank?

a) You can tell your friend to join directly and tell them to send you a request by clicking ‘add contacts’ on their homepage.

b) Or else, you can invite your friend to join numbertank from your numbertank account.


how to make Free Local/National/International calls?

How to call your friends on Numbertank (PC/mobile)?

So when you’ve successfully registered your account on and added your friends,  now you can make as many calls as you want to your numbertank friends. So let’s see how to make free calls,

  •  On your homepage, you’ll see all the friends whom you’ve added. As we can make calls to only our friends in numbertank, so now you’ll see your contacts on the homepage, just click “Call” button on your required contact.


  •  So when you click on the call button, it’ll ask you whether to allow microphone or not. So now click ‘Allow’. Then your call will begin and start enjoying free calls!!
Update: Guys, Numbertank has released Google playstore app too. So now you can use their app on your smart phones. So no need of chrome browser or Pc!! Just install this app and call your friends directly from it. 


So that’s it, guys. I hope now you’ll enjoy by making free calls (Local/National/International) to your friends. Share this post with your family, friends and tell them to start making free calls daily. 😀 If you have any doubts, please comment below.


Hey Guys, a good news!! Now WhatsApp is available on our Pc/laptop/tablet. Here we gonna use WhatsApp on our web browser directly. As earlier, I’ve shown you about How to install WhatsApp on Computer/Laptop – Windows 7/8, Mac by using bluestacks software, today we don’t need any softwares or emulators to use WhatsApp on our desktop. Officially WhatsApp company has released this new feature ‘WhatsApp Web‘. So by using this new feature, we are gonna use Whatsapp on our PC/Laptop. 🙂


Here we need to note one thing, ‘WhatsApp Web’ means this is not another Whatsapp account or new Whatsapp account. We are simply using the same Whatsapp account on our computer/laptop and our phone. Till now whatever we did on the mobile Whatsapp, the same things we are gonna do on the web browser Whatsapp.

“WhatsApp Web is a computer based extension of the WhatsApp account on your phone. The messages you send and receive are fully synced between your phone and your computer, and you can see all messages on both devices”, said the company.


So let’s get into the simple tutorial. It’s so easy to do and all it takes is few mins of time only!! 😉


Requirements to use Whatsapp on our Pc/Laptop/tablet – Web Browser:

1) Google chrome web browser. (Soon other browsers will be supported too)

2) WhatsApp enabled smartphone – Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Nokia S60, Blackberry 10.
At present, iPhone users cannot use this new feature. Soon they will get it too!!

3) Your Whatsapp account should be active.

4) Your Whatsapp account should be updated to the latest version.

5) A Good internet connection for both your phone and your computer.

So make sure that you follow all these requirements. Now we’ll get into the procedure,


Steps to use Whatsapp on our Pc/Laptop/Tablet – Web Browser:

1) Go to on your chrome browser. Now you will see a QR code which needs to be scanned by your phone.




2) Now open Whatsapp on your phone and go to Menu > ‘WhatsApp Web‘.




3) Now when you click ‘WhatsApp Web’ on your phone, a scanner will open. Now you need to scan the Qr code on the chrome page of step 1 by your mobile. So scan the code by placing your phone cam before the Qr code on chrome page.




4) So when you scan the code, automatically your WhatsApp account will be opened on your web browser. That’s it!! Now enjoy by using your WhatsApp on your computer/laptop/tablet – browser.





Another interesting feature about ‘WhatsApp Web’ is it allows us to turn on ‘Desktop Notifications’ on our browser so that even when our browser is minimised we will get alerts for any new messages. And you should note that it allows only one Web session at a time. You’ll also have a ‘Log out’ feature on Whatsapp web. So when you are logged out, again you need to do the same steps to log in.


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I hope you will like this tutorial. If you have any doubts about regarding how to use WhatsApp on your Pc/Laptop/Tablet – Web Browser then you can see the troubleshooting steps on official Whatsapp site by clicking here or you can leave your comments below. Please share this post with your friends and help us to grow by sharing our site. 🙂