5 Magento Extensions That Will Change Your Marketing Forever!!

Magento is a well-known platform for eCommerce, which has definitely deserved its own place on the online stores Olympus. Despite all its evident advantages, there is still a lot of room for growth. So if you want to bring your Magento store to a new level, you wouldn’t do without a bunch of Magento extensions offered by independent Magento developers. We have picked up top 5 modules from a well-known and respected producer Amasty and are ready to share this information with you.


              5 Magento Extensions That Will Change Your Marketing Forever!!


All these extensions for Magento are designed to increase the conversion rate of your Magento store and build stable audience of returning customers. Check these little helpers right now!

1)Product Labels
Product labels is one of the most-loved extensions produced by Amasty. It helps one to make products noticeable just in a few clicks and to guide customers through all the store making them pay attention at the products you chose for them. The trick is pretty easy: Product Labels extension helps to create colorful badges saying ‘new’, ‘sale’ or whatever you want. This works irreproachably and is as easy as ABC.

2)Customers also viewed
The ultimate goal of any marketing manager is to make customers to spend as many time at their online store as possible. As one can guess from the name, Customers also viewed extension analyzes what other pages have been visited by customers together with page N and shows the results in a cleanly laid out section. Such approach is one of the most classic ways to increase conversion. All eCommerce giants like eBay or Amazon are already using it, so why should you opt out?

3)Facebook reviews
According to statistics 92% of online store visitors trust the reviews made through the social networks. With installing Facebook reviews by Amasty you will create a great platform for social share and opinions exchange as well as add some credibility to all the positive 5-star reviews left at the website. And what is the best thing – this extension is absolutely FREE, so you can plunge into the world of social reviews without spending a penny.

4)Out of stock notification
Don’t let your low stock lead to customers and profit loss. With this great Magento extension from Amasty you will be able to notify your customers when the item is back in stock, which can’t but lead to more sales. Besides, this extension is a great way to learn the demand for the product and adjust your marketing strategy in accordance with this.

5)Color Swatches Pro
With Color Swatches Pro you will be able to use images for attributes selection and offer a handy zoom and lightbox for customers to see all the details of the product photo. You will fall in love with Color Swatches Pro, when you will see what great features it offers and how it improves the usability of your website. This extension lets you show the product in its entire glow and use images instead of plain text. Trust us, your customers will enjoy it as much as we do!

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