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Many people often complain that what to do when their Adsense Account has been banned by Google Adsense Team? Will they still generate some good revenue from their Blog ? This is the most common question you will get from bloggers especially the newbies. Most important reasons,Newbies don’t know well about the rules of AdSense and how to keep it safe and so gets banned fast and starts struggling to monetize their traffic.

Even you used to see the below screenshots shared by your friend bloggers,

Adsense Banned

So for all those who are banned from Google AdSense or have issues with AdSense can try

But before moving ahead, let me tell you why people start searching for the alternative-

  1. Banned from the network?
  2. Not earning much
  3. Chance of getting banned
  4. Less options
  5. High threshold amount
  6. High deduction due to invalid activity and many more like this.

So if you are also facing similar issues then you are at the right place. Here in this article I am going to share about which is a perfect ad network for publishers.

Features of

There are variety of features of which make themselves apart from the another traditional network and hence offers their publishers maximum benefits.

1. Less Threshold

This is really a huge plus point for you especially if you are a beginner. Who don’t wat to get their quick first dollar online? Yes, I am talking about the payment threshold of Their payment threshold is just $5 which is easily achievable. Needless to say, AdSense has $100 finalized amount as the threshold which can take months for someone who has just started.

2. Multiple Payment options

Despite of being an origin of Europe, provides payment to their publishers through different channels like-

  • PayPal
  • WebMoney
  • Payoneer

3. Earn more from Same traffic

Yes, you can make more money from the same traffic and kind of traffic. Usually I have seen people struggling to get even $0.05 per click. Which you will need 1000 clicks to earn your first $50…isn’t it too much? Yes it is. provides good CPC rates and so increasing the clicks and CPPC and so increasing the revenue. You can easily earn around 100-200 per thousand traffic. Payout rates

4. Excellent Customer Support

Agree that many companies are just taking days to give the answer and provide resolution. But this is not the vase of Whenever you will login to the dashboard, a notification will regarding the online chat. You can ask questions, get help online itself and that too in real time.

5. Different Types of Ads

There are different types of ads in Starting from simple Overlay ads to pop-up ads. If you are having god traffic and have good page views, then you can try pop-up ads to get maximum revenue.

6. Easy interface

Yes, anyone can use very easily. Their UI is appealing and very easy to use. All the options are aligned very clearly so that anyone can use it.

7. Quick Access

As soon as you will sign up, you will be able to generate the ad code and add it in your site. Looking at these amazing features, really seems to be an amazing alternative to AdSense. Now let me tell you how to join and generate the ad code.

How to generate the ad code in

Generating the ad code to put on your site is damn easy. All you need to do is follow the below steps and make the ad live in minutes.

  1. Sign Up for If you have not joined yet, you can do so by email id or through Facebook as well.
  2. Now move to the header section and click on website script
  3. Here you will have to fill all the details about your site and click on generate script. It e=will give you ad code which you will have to put on your site and boom

How to Generate Ads?

That’s all!!

Done…your ad is live now. Now all you have to further is sending the traffic and earning money from it.

What you think on this? Feel free to share your experiences or any queries by commenting below.

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Aditya Sahil