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How to Recover a Hacked Facebook Account.

Hello readers, as I have written many posts regarding facebook, today, I’m writing one more post. Daily, we can see a lot of facebook accounts getting ha*ked. People were confused about what to do when their accounts get ha*ked. Nowadays, even elders are using facebook a lot. But they might not have some technical knowledge about […]

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How To Get Your Facebook Page Verified with Blue Badge.

Hello friends, Tricks99 is back again with this new post. I’ve seen a lot of people asking me about How to verify a facebook page. So I’ve decided to share some information regarding what I know about this facebook page verification topic. And I don’t like to give an introduction about What is Verified Profile or Page? ‘Coz […]

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How to Secure Your Facebook Account for 100% – 2016.

Hello everyone, today is back with a great post about How to secure your Facebook Account for 100%. I bet, if you follow all the below steps for how to secure facebook account, then no one can h*ck your facebook account. 😀 I always use to tell my personal quote to my friends, “ Don’t blame […]

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How to Remove Your Profile Name and Picture in Facebook Sponsored Stories-Social Ads.

Mostly many people might have seen that Facebook is using our profile names/profile pictures in Sponsored stories like Social Ads or Third-party Ads. So If you want to know about how to opt out yourself or how to stop facebook from using your profile name/photo in facebook social ads then have a look at the below part. Facebook gets […]

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Some Important Facebook Active Groups which you must join!!

‘Groups’, one of the most important feature in facebook where we can gain much amount of knowledge. Facebook groups are just like building a community, it’s a place where we can discuss a certain topic. It’s a two-way conversation whereas Facebook pages are not a discussion, it’s more like a monolog.The main difference between facebook groups […]

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How to make Single Name Account on Facebook or How to Hide Last Name on Facebook.

Many people have been searching on Google about How to make Single Name account on Facebook? or How to Hide Last Name on Facebook? Well, here is a simple method explaining how to make single name account on facebook successfully. But one thing you should make a note is Indonesians are officially allowed to have single name accounts […]

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Troll your friends by updating Facebook Status via iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Samsung Galaxy etc from your Computer/Laptop.

Important Notice: Update: Hello readers, I’m really sorry to disappoint you! As recently Facebook algorithms have got changed, so none of the below links here or any other blogs are not working!Or you can test yourself here by taking any random phone links below. Btw, in future if there is a solution/update to this trick, […]

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Now Design your Facebook Profile wall in a New Attractive Way!!

Hi guys, now you can design your facebook profile wall in a new attractive, stylish way. Tricks99 will show you a simple method about how to create your facebook profile wall in stylish ways, Check the attractive new designs here in the below pictures which we created,     So now how to create your facebook profile wall […]

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