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Music is in our blood and every now and then we keep looking for some good music which suits our mood in that particular situation. But it does happen sometimes that we like many songs and those songs are always stored in some part of our brain but we remember them only when our friends play them in their mobiles. The one sentence that we utter in that moment is “this is the one song I was looking for and you have it my friend”. To be more specific our mind which cannot remember everything every time and we have to look around for other better and easily available options. So let’s make it easy with the help of techno freak world which gives us freedom to peep into our friends mobile and share the same games, songs and apps without any external help (meaning USB or Pen drives).


If you want to check your friend songs library or apps or games then letsreach.co has to crop up with REACH application that will suffice your need. REACH app is a podium which allows you to get access of your friends’ mobile and check his playlist and add the same in your music library. Previously transfer of files uses to take time as we were using external or internal help through pen drives, USB, Bluetooth etc. REACH app allows you to easily download your friend’s playlist, apps and games in your mobile just in a couple of minutes. Yes, you heard it right you save so much time and get access to your favorite songs anywhere and anytime with different users, by just installing this REACH app from your play store.


Reach App


This app gives you an edge over other sharing platforms. Sharing of the content in such an easy and convenient way is a unique idea making this app one of a kind. The user can listen to the songs even if he is offline. The only thing which you have to do is to ask for one-time permission from the person whose playlist you are accessing. REACH app syncs the files itself and there is no need of uploading the file every time you transfer the content. You can control the visibility of the file as per your need.


Steps to share your playlist, games, and apps with your friends:

  • Download and install REACH app from your play store.
  • Fill up all the necessary details needed to create you profile along with your mobile number.
  • Verify your mobile number with one-time password (OTP) which will be sent to you on your mobile.
  • Invite your friends to REACH app via SMS or WHATSAPP or you can even download from each other.
  • Send request to your friend for acceptance when he joins. Now you can enjoy each other’s playlist in the most hassle-free and fast way.


General review of the app:

REACH app’s first version has succeeded in winning the hearts of its users due to following features:

  • Fast and convenient to use
  • Plays songs when offline
  • User can hide apps and songs by enabling hidden to everyone
  • Can lock your friends
  • No network restriction
  • Personal and secure


Because of it’s continuous and uninterrupted transfer of music REACH app has an edge over Bluetooth which has many restraints regarding file transfers. While using REACH app your data will be safe and secure as it will not store your personal information or any data on their servers. Its unique song search feature allows you to look up for that song in your friend’s playlist. Besides streaming you can also download your favorite song. The user interface of the app is quite convenient and easy for anyone to start using it without facing any problem. At its initial stage, REACH app has received good response from the users and is liked for its unique features. So you just have to download it and discover the new songs and games in your friends’ mobile and share it with you loved ones. So GET STARTED and HAPPY SHARING. 🙂


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