Why GetResponse is Better than AWeber?

After having used GetResponse for over a year, I can tell that it does exactly what it promises. But that is not to say that I haven’t used any other email marketing platform. In fact, I have tried a number of other programs including AWeber, Vertical Response, iContact and a few others. after having tested all of them, I have come to the conclusion that GetResponse (GR) is the best one to meet my needs.


Why GetResponse is Better than AWeber?


Many others break up into multiple plans and packages, but this software keeps things simple with just one standard plan. And that single plan has everything I need, without any complications. AWeber (AW) is considered to be one of the best email marketing software out there, but I think GetResponse is even better. Why? I have a few reasons!


1. Pricing


Why GetResponse is Better than AWeber?



This is not the most important reason why I chose GetResponse, but it is something that obviously matters. I have 9000+ subscribers on my list. The price difference between GR and AW means that I save more than a hundred dollar annually.

Not only is GetResponse’s price slightly better than AW, I enjoy a special discount of 18% that helps me get a major edge. The difference may not seem to be much on a monthly basis, but it is certainly big over the year.


2. Responsive Design


2. Responsive Design


I have tested AW and have found their templates to be responsive. Yet I find GetResponse’s email and landing page templates and custom designers more attractive!

AWeber claims to offer more number of email templates but not all of them are mobile-friendly. On the other hand, GR has over 500 templates and all of them are responsive!

This allows me to reach larger number of target audience who use a variety of devices.

I also found the templates to be better than what AW was offering me. again the edge may not be big, but it is a good enough reason why I preferred GR.

Both the email marketing platforms have an easy-to-use email creator and free set of images. In this department, both are almost same in their offerings.


3. Boosting Email List

I am always updating my email list with new addresses. I keep moving and importing contacts from LinkedIn, Google Docs, Salesforce, storage devices, and other services. GetResponse makes all this as smooth as possible. AW also supports most of these methods, but I have liked GR’s list-boosting features to be better. With over a dozen ways to boost my list, I think GR has an edge and other users will also like it.


4. Simple yet Powerful Forms


GetResponse vs aweber


When it comes to sign-up forms, they should be easy to create, responsive, and testable. This is one feature where both GetResponse and AWeber are neck to neck in terms of everything!

But again, there is something slightly better about GR. The templates are available for different categories including:

  • Blank forms
  • Newsletter sign ups
  • Feedback forms
  • Seasonal forms
  • Event sign ups
  • Order forms
  • Download forms

And much more!

Both GR and AW allow me to conduct A/B tests on my forms and collect subscribers with more flexibility and control, and both have hundreds of templates.


5. Responsive Landing Page Creator

Now this is one feature where GetResponse gives me a clear edge. I could create great email newsletters with AW, but once I started using GR I realized that it was somewhat better!

GetResponse offers hundreds of templates to create unique landing pages. The drag-and-drop editor allows me to customize it as per my needs. And when it comes to publishing it, the platform offers me free hosting with subdomains on my own domain.

Some of the best things I liked about the landing page include:

  • The page has built-in web forms
  • Image editor supported by over a thousand photos
  • No need for using any HTML codes
  • A/B testing for improving my landing pages

I would certainly choose GR for this powerful feature! But there is more to this powerful email marketing software that has inspired me.

Embedded Video Support – GR allows me to improve my sales pages by enabling embedding of YouTube videos.

Facebook Integration – It also allows me to add a tab for my sales page on my business’ Facebook page. I could also add social sharing handles on my landing pages for easy and instant sharing.

PayPal Integration – I could also add the buy button (PayPal) to enable instant sales.


6. Autoresponder 2.0


6. Autoresponder


GR offers me a more powerful and smarter Autoresponder feature than AW or almost any other email marketing program available out there. Some of the best features of the system include:

  • Sending unlimited messages
  • Sending out time-based messages
  • Control over timing
  • Selection of various factors including day of week
  • Instant message editing
  • Drag and drop management of order
  • Sending out messages based on actions

And much more!

AW also has an autoresponder, but it’s not as powerful as GetResponse. I am able to reach my target audience with the right message at the right time!


7. Email Intelligence




Get Response’s email analytics provide smart insights into how my campaigns are performance and help me get the best ROI. The segmentation feature allows me to select groups and send out the right content to the right audience.

The reports also allow me to compare different messages and find out which one delivered better ROI. I could analyze everything including clicks, opens, conversions and unsubscriptions.


7b. Email Intelligence

GR also provides statistics for its powerful autoresponder. The reports are delivered in graphs which are easy for anyone to understand. Some of the other email intelligence features that I like about this email marketing platform are:

  • Email client statistics
  • Social sharing statistics
  • Automated report settings
  • Real email ROI


I know AWeber is a powerful email marketing solution with features which are considered some of the best. But GetResponse is even better. Even though it has a slight edge, it makes things easier, faster and more effective for me. It is highly recommended to anyone looking for a powerful email marketing software.


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