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Servers in Target Market and Customized Hosting Plans – Host1Plus is the Perfect Web Host

I have known for some time that there are many advantages of having your web servers located close to (or within) the country that represents your target audience.

But I never had the privilege of finding a web hosting plan that allowed me to choose the country where I would want the servers to be placed. Not until I came across Host1Plus.

I wanted to upgrade because of the increase in my traffic stats and also find an affordable hosting plan that could offer me servers in Europe.

The VPS hosting plans from this host were the ideal options for me.



Gold VPS Plan

So I chose their gold VPS plan, and I think I don’t need to upgrade any longer. It provides me everything I need. I could have chosen their silver plan.

It was more affordable and offered me the perfect package including 1TB of bandwidth and 30GB of storage. But I wasn’t satisfied with the RAM and processor. There was less than 1GB of RAM and a single-core CPU.

I already had a shared plan which offered me 1GB of RAM.

So there wasn’t any point in upgrading to a VPS plan that didn’t offer something better.






So I choose the gold VPS plan, and I am more than satisfied with it even after 6 months. Most importantly they offered me servers located in Germany. The plan costs me $15 per month, and given the volume of traffic, my sites generate the price is just perfect for me.

My earlier plan cost me around $4 per month, but the Host1Plus offer is much more reliable.



What do I get for $15 Per Month?

I get 2TB of data transfer per month and 40GB of storage.

Although my site doesn’t require more space, I think it would have been better if they offered more GB of storage.

The best thing is that there’s 2GB of RAM and a dual-core CPU at service to start with.

But there is something extremely unique to this web hosting service –and its customization.




This web host allowed me to customize my VPS gold plan using a drag feature.

I increased the RAM to 3GB, bandwidth to 4TB, 3 IP addresses, and 2 backup copies and it was the perfect package for me.

It costs me just $29 per month and I can’t ask for anything more.




As already mentioned, I have been using this plan for the last 6 months, and I haven’t had any downtime issues so far.

So I am getting exactly what I am paying for.

I never had any performance issues, and there’s no reason for me to consider any other option.

While all other web hosting services offer add-ons during the checkout, Host1Plus replaces that step with the customization page.

Interestingly, they don’t check all those unwanted boxes for the add-ons.

One thing I didn’t like is that you have to pay more for the CPanel.




Customer Support:

I know how important customer support can be when you have several domains up and running.

I never needed to call in for tech support, but their general support is exceptional.

I needed to clear a few queries initially, and I didn’t have to wait to get to a representative.

Live chat is the easiest and fastest way. They support a number of languages. They also have a phone number, but chat would always be sufficient for me.

So overall, I find the gold VPS hosting plan from Host1Plus to be the perfect package for me.

There is almost no other web hosting service that allowed me to customize my plan (for a little extra). Almost all of them have these fixed packages.
You either buy them or move onto a higher plan if something is missing.

This host offers a plan for every size and type of website. Their smallest plan starts from something less than $1 a month.

Most importantly, I have been able to get servers which are located in the heart of Europe.

This has helped me further improve my search engine rankings and drive more traffic.

My traffic continues to grow, and the next time I need to upgrade, I will be thinking of just using the ‘configuration’ page and add more processor cores, RAM, and bandwidth.

I will recommend Host1Plus to everyone!

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