How to get Google Inbox in 1 min without any Invite.

As recently Google has launched the new Inbox app, many people were looking to get that. But at present, we can get that inbox app only by an invite pattern as per google said. We can self-apply our invitation request to [email protected] or we can get invitation by a friend. So a person will get his Inbox by an invite and also that person will get ‘invite option’ in his inbox account after 3 days of account creation. Only 3 invites will be given to each inbox account. So we can invite only 3 persons from our account. But the problem here is, it’s too hard to get invites for all people in a short time.I’ve seen many people who were waiting for invites since from 10 days, but till now they didn’t get any invite. So I’m sharing a great trick here to get google inbox in few mins without any invite.


Here we need a mobile to perform this task. Also we need an inbox account of anyone which was created earlier. So by an existing inbox account, we will get new inbox account for any email id which you want. So try to find a friend who has inbox account. So if you find a trusted person, give him/her your gmail id & password and ask them to do the below process. Or else, u can do this trick by yourself by borrowing his/her mobile for some time and add your google account in their android phone and do the below process.Note: This trick doesn’t work if your friend got Inbox without an invite. So try to find an inbox account which was created by an invite.So let us have a look at the below steps,


Step 1:

Open Inbox app in the android phone.

Step 2:

Now at top left, click the menu button and go to the option ‘Add account’. Click that and enter the email id, password for which you want Inbox.


How to get Google Inbox in 1 min without any Invite.

Step 3:

Now when you sign up, it will ask you to sync some google apps data related to that email id. So just for safety to not get our data synced in the mobile, untick all the boxes.


Step 4:

So when you have successfully signed in, your accounts will be shown in the menu like in the below picture. So click the email id of which you have entered in above steps.


How to get Google Inbox in 1 min without any Invite.


Step 5:

So when you select the email id, then automatically a message will be displayed, ‘Switching Accounts’. Now this may take a few secs to load completely and automatically, inbox will be created for that particular id.


How to get Google Inbox in 1 min without any Invite.


Step 6:

So if you perform all the above steps correctly, then after step 5, you’ll get a message ‘Welcome to Inbox by Gmail’. That’s it. Now you have successfully created inbox account for your email id.



So after 3 days, you’ll get an option ‘Invite others’ in your inbox account. Now remove your google account in your’s friend smart phone if you have borowed it to perform this task. As you have activated inbox account for your email address, now in your mobile, install the inbox app from playstore and enjoy.

So I hope you will like this post. Please share our site with your friends. If you have any quieres related to how to get google inbox without any invite, you can leave the comments below. I’ll reply to all the comments here.

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