How to get a Job at Facebook.

        The city which never sleeps is facebook” Yes and, of course, it’s true. I guess many people have heard that above sentence. 😉

Now Facebook has a Population of 1 Billion + People which Is equal to the population of 3rd Largest Country in the World.

So coming to the point, Many people have a dream, desire to work in facebook which is the top most successful social working site and many people who were working in facebook are so proud about their job and their work which is done to connect people in this world.



Facebook officially announces jobs for the people who are willing to do, by keeping some requirements and responsibilities. So if you think that you meet all the requirements of their need, you can apply the job by clicking the ‘Apply now’ button. First, go through the below pages,

The Careers are classified into,

Browse by Team and Role              Browse By Facebook Location

New grads and University students



Browse by Team and Role is a place where you can choose your platform in the team lists provided.


facebook -Browse by Team and Role



Browse By Facebook Location  is where you can select your job at the place you are willing to do .




                          New grads and University students is a category especially for students where you can select your particular team of what you are looking for. Example – Design, Product Analytics, Product Management etc. Students can do internships in facebook under this category.



Facebook  is also offering Programming challenges. You can solve the Programming challenges and if your code passes the test, you will be contacted by a recruiter.
How To Get A Job At Facebook ? ? Programming challenges.


                                                             Solve The Challenge 


We always try to find a dream job and working with facebook can be a great choice if you can get it. So wishing you a good luck. 🙂

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