How to make Single Name Account on Facebook or How to Hide Last Name on Facebook.

Many people have been searching on Google about How to make Single Name account on Facebook? or How to Hide Last Name on Facebook? Well, here is a simple method explaining how to make single name account on facebook successfully. But one thing you should make a note is Indonesians are officially allowed to have single name accounts on facebook as most of the people on Indonesia have only one name and that’s why facebook allows them to have single name.

So here what we are doing in this post is we’re pretending that we are from Indonesia. So I hope you understood the logic!! Also one thing you should know is only Indonesians are legally eligible to have this single name accounts and rest other country people are not!! So now it’s your wish whether to perform this trick or not. Simply I can skip all these warning steps and can directly tell you to just perform this trick so that I can gain visitors to this post. But I’m not that kind of person. I love my site readers. I always give high preference to their safety. So that’s why I have warned you about performing this one name process. 🙂

Steps for how to make Single name account (or) how to Hide last name on facebook:


Step 1: From your Mozilla Firefox browser, open your facebook account and go to “General Account Settings“.

Step 2: Change language settings to “Bahasa Indonesia“.

Step 3: Go to any of below links,http://www.proxynova.com/proxy-server-list/country-id/

Select Proxy country=Indonesia, port=8080 & click ‘Update results’. Now copy the proxy address of port – 8080 from those results.

In general the proxy address will in this format –

Just for example I’m giving you this proxy = Try it,  but it may work or may not work.Mostly select new proxies which were updated there recently. [Check the time of recently updated proxies].While performing this process, some of the proxies may not work and some proxies will work just like 1 out of 3 trails. So be patient while doing this single name account process.

Step 4: Now you  have to change your Firefox browser proxy as shown in the below pictures,

Go to Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Settings.

How to make Single Name Account on Facebook or How to Hide Last Name on Facebook.


Now click  ‘Settings’ and select “Manual proxy configuration:” – paste the proxy & port-8080 where you got from above 2 links-Proxynova.com or hidemyass.com and tick the box that says “Use this proxy server for all protocols” and finally click OK in settings dialog box.


How To Make Single Name Account on Facebook ? or How To Hide Last Name on Facebook ? ?

Step 5: Now open your Name settings in your Fb. Simply remove your last name or leave it as empty and then click ‘Save Changes‘.

How To Make Single Name Account on Facebook ? or How To Hide Last Name on Facebook ? ?
Now your Facebook account is with the first name without last name. 😀 😀


How To Make Single Name Account on Facebook ? or How To Hide Last Name on Facebook ? ?

Step 6Now Change back your Language settings from “Bahasa Indonesia” to “English“.

Step 7: After completing all steps, remove ‘Manual proxy configuration:‘  in Firefox Settings and select “Use system proxy setting“. That’s it!! 😉



Note: You can make single name account only if your profile name limit is not exceeded.

If you have any doubts regarding how to make single name account on facebook or how to hide last name on facebook, you can ask in the below comments. You should also make a note that this method won’t work successfully at all the times. To be frank, it just depends upon luck which means selecting exact working proxy from the proxy sites. So nobody can tell you exactly whether this method works for you or not. Just try with different new proxies. Also, read the below comments for a while so that you may get any idea!

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  • Marian König says:

    Yes but you will still have two name 😀 i.e Test Test 😉

  • Line says:

    It works, thanks very much 🙂

  • daniel says:

    It seems that it doesn’t work anymore

  • Kuma says:

    You can try this tutorial I made how to single name in facebook using android phone

  • Ai says:

    Its work..thanks..♡♡

  • Mike says:

    Thank you. Still works in March 2017. You can have no last name, or just an initial. It took me about an hour of trying different proxies but it will work if you’re patient! Thanks again bro!

  • Richard says:

    Not working for me, changed the port to 8080 and chose a list from https://www.proxynova.com/proxy-server-list/country-id/

    and put that one in the Proxy but I’m still getting the message

    Anda harus memberikan nama belakang.
    (You have to give the last name.)

    Should the Proxy IP be Elite? Transparent? Anonymous? does it matter?
    WHat am I doing wrong?

  • Aahraful says:

    How to turn your name In single word on Facebook….. watch this video……


  • Raxi says:

    Does it work on Vpn(Indonesia) instead of proxy change

  • hasibullah says:

    hi when I change my browser proxy. so my internet doesn’t work please help me.

  • Afghatr says:

    Still working

  • Illie says:

    Is it supposed to be incredibly slow?

  • Kaye says:

    I just did mine thanks a lot

  • Jerekiel says:

    Are u from indonesia urself? Can u please do the trick for me? its not working in my end here in my country.

  • Zoey says:

    I created a new account with a random name, so I can change it later on. I believe I did everything as told, but it still didn’t work.

    • Avinash S says:

      There’s no gaurantee that it will work all the times! It’s all luck, depends upon the proxy we select! Moreover, this is Illegal to do! :/

      Only Indonesia people are eligible for Single name facebook accounts! :/

  • Reden says:

    What if? “You can’t update your name right now because you’ve already changed it too many times.”

  • John says:

    Does this work on a mac laptop?

  • anne says:

    Does this only work using a desktop? A reply would be appreciated. Thankyou.

  • Rohit says:

    awesome very happy thanks a lot .

  • Koushik says:

    Bro can I hide my last name…? Will u do this for me…? I can send u my details…

  • Benjamin says:

    Thanks a million.. it really work, really didn’t expect it to happen….

  • Amir Ali says:

    can`t it work in chrome

  • Sere says:

    Thanks alot, this worked 🙂

  • saad says:

    Thanx Buddy, it is really working

  • anmol says:

    after blocking by Facebook (using single name) … does Facebook unblock our account ?????

  • Anu says:

    Wooowww.. It really did work.. 😉

  • waquar says:

    Bro no need to these long complex methods.
    1.open chrome
    2.download geoproxy addons
    3.install it
    4.select indonesian ip on geoproxy(addons)
    5.open facebook
    6.change language to indonesian
    7.put you desired name in first name
    8.input your password

  • JI says:

    Thanks Man! HAHAHAHAHA

  • Flow says:

    If i use this trick will my account get disable or something?

  • Shovon says:

    Vaia, if i change my id name, i can’t change it again with 15 days, but can i hide my last name at that time…?

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