Instapage Vs GetReponse: which one is best for your business??

There are ‘n’ numbers of aspects on online marketing, but Landing Page is undoubtedly the most important one. After all first impression is the lasting one in most of the cases! Choosing the best Landing Page creator is the key to making your Landing Page attractive and effective. Like many other online marketers, if you are also looking for the best Landing Page Creator that is easy to use and gives you the best value for money, then this is the right place for you.

Today we are reviewing two leading Landing Page creators: Instapage Vs GetResponse to find out which one is the best. 🙂

We’ve reviewed both the products based on their features, ease of use, price and customer support.







• Instapage offers over 80 pre-designed templates on which you can build your Landing Page.
• Simple Drag and Drop editing technique makes it a cake-walk to design and publish your Landing Page. You can incorporate text, pictures, graphs etc to make your Landing Page more informative and attractive.
• Instapage provides integration options for a bunch of email marketing service, CRM software, Lead Generating software and Facebook.
• You can create your Landing Page and design split tests without touching the HTML code.
• Instapage Landing Pages are mobile friendly.


Ease of use:

We found Instapage quite easy to use. Even if you are novice blogger, you can use this software without any IT help.

Once you sign up for Instapage services, you can see a number of templates to choose from. Simply choose the one that you think is best for your website or blog.


Once you choose the template, you can now edit and customize it for your business. On the top left of the page, you’ll find the editing tools. Change any element that you want and put your contents in the text boxes and your Landing Page is ready to use. You can directly publish the Landing Page from here, save it for future or can create a variation to run a split test.



Instapages Vs GetReponse: which one is best for your business??
We found the user-interface to be easy. But in case you want to build your unique Landing Page from the scratch with HTML coding, Instapage does not provide you with that option.



You can see the annual pricing plan for Instapage below,


Instapages Vs GetReponse: which one is best for your business??


The starting package at $29 a month is a bit high in our opinion. However if you are a B2B marketer or a large business it is quite affordable. The software also provides a 45-day free trial package which will give you a fairly good idea in the product and its features before you actually invest in it.

You can sign up for the trail package here.


Customer Support:

Instapage provides decent customer support. You can download a number of reading materials on Landing Pages from their website. But no marketing guides are available.









• GetResponse provides over 100 pre-designed templates which you can customise to create your Landing Page.
• In case you want to create your unique Landing Page through a scratch, you can do that too with HTML coding here.
• Easy to use Drag and Drop editor can be used by anyone and everyone. You can add texts, pictures, graphs or any other designing elements to your page without changing the HTML coding.
• The software gives you free access to over 1000 HD pictures from their gallery that you can use in your Landing Page.
• With GetResponse, you can use totally responsive Landing Page that can adjust according to the viewing platform.
• Provides integration with social media services such as Facebook and Twiter, CRM software, a number of Payment gateways, Lead Generation software.
• With GetResponse, you get the full-fledged email marketing service with no added cost.

Ease of use:

We found the GetResponse Landing page creator to be super easy to use. Once you sign up for GetResponse you can see a number of Templates in various categories. Simply select one and get started.




Once you have chosen the template to work on, you can customize it according to your requirements. You’ll find the editing tools on the right-hand side of the screen. You can add elements and content and customise the page according to your needs.

Once done you can save it for using later, publish it directly or create a variation to run a split test.



You can see the annual GetResponse pricing plans below,


Instapages Vs GetReponse: which one is best for your business??


The plans start from as low as $15 a month and there are four annual plans altogether. So, no matter whether you are a novice blogger or a big business you’ll get a plan that’s suitable for your requirement and budget.

Here you’ll have to remember this that GetResponse not only provides you with Landing Page creator but also full email marketing solutions. So, within this cost, you’ll get all your email marketing requirements and there’s no need to invest in any other email marketing service.

But before you go ahead with it, you can try out their 1 month free trail. This way, you’ll be able to experience their service without investing anything first.


Customer Support:

GetResponse has got a great reputation when it comes to customer support. The software provides easily understandable material about Landing Pages, E-mail marketing etc. Not only that, GetResponse offers the video tutorial on various aspects of online marketing. These tutorials and manuals can be pretty handy for any novice marketer.



Who wins?

Well, there’s no doubt that both the software are pretty great in their features and ease of use. However GetResponse offer Responsive Pages feature that Instapage does not. Also in case you want to build your unique Landing Page, you can do that with GetResponse, but there’s no such option with Instapage.
Another great consideration is Pricing. Not only GetResponse offers more reasonable and flexible pricing plans, the software covers your entire email marketing requirements, saving you loads of money that you would have paid otherwise. Here GetResponse wins quite easily.

While Instapage offers decent customer support, GetResponse is way superior in that.


So, overall we’ll recommend you to go ahead with GetResponse only.

But don’t listen to us, sign up for the free trial and see for yourself. You can set up a free profile by providing your Name and email only. You can get the free trail here. 😉


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