How Mobile Phones have Changed the World.

“Have you seen my mobile?” How many times have you said this to someone and panicked over the loss of your mobile or just the thought of losing it.  Consciously or sub-consciously, mobile has become an integral part in our lives. 
One cannot think of spending a day without it. Just the thought of it makes you wonder, what if I miss an important call; but is the commodity of mobiles nowadays used just for receiving calls or calling someone? No, there are smart mobiles available in the market that can recognize our voice; that keep our files, photos, videos, messages safe by your own personal password.

How Mobile Phones Have Changed The World ! !

Mobiles keep us connected to our dear ones, associates, and even to strangers. Mobiles have the ability to multitask. It can play music, transfer data from one mobile to another by Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB-cable, record videos, calculate numbers, show you the time, remind you of any meeting or important events like
birthdays, anniversaries, etc. It checks your messages and emails for spelling mistakes.

It has an inbuilt dictionary and encyclopedia which is very much like a pocket dictionary or a handy encyclopedia. You can edit photos in it in mere seconds and write articles on it. Bank accounts state can be checked, information of any deposit or withdrawal can be notified to your attention by a mobile. Tax payments can also be done by mobiles.
Mobiles have created the world shorter and smaller for us. It has made life easier and things more accessible. It connects us to the world – the people, the events that happen across it and the places.

How Mobile Phones Have Changed The World ! !

You can track your position in any part of the world. You can search for any place or person in the world. The vast world fits into your pocket with a mobile. But, as close at it takes you to the world, it also makes you more vulnerable. Mobile has its merits and demerits like any other thing in the world. It has two faces like a two sided coin.

Mobiles are like a weapon if they are placed in the wrong hands, Many terrorists attacks have been possible because of mobiles. Mobiles have been used as bombs frequently and their anti-social use are not unknown to the world. Where, it has made the world smaller, it also has threatened us with its compact state.

It has introduced us to a world of strangers, which in turn has mitigated our personal space. It has made us vulnerable.

 It is very easy to track a person , with the help of a mobile. Important and personal data can be accessed with a mobile. The numerous applications on a mobile are not all useful. Applications of
games, YouTube, etc. has distracted the youth.
It introduces them to the vast world where there are many mature subjects and disturbing elements that can sidetrack them from the right path. It should be used, thus, with caution.

 A smart mobile needs a smarter person to handle it ! !

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