Top 10 Best Movie Streaming Apps for Android

Movies have been one of best companions when it comes to recreation and enjoyment. People generally wish to relax while watching a good and entertaining movie resting lazily on their cozy couch with lights dimmed and a bowl of snacks. Here’s a good news for all the movie geeks who have a deep penchant for movies but avoid the buzz of theaters, can now watch their favorites ranging from the old classic premium to the latest blockbuster hits. Android phones have come up with smashing online apps that lets you download and stream movies for free. These apps are built on an easy and user-friendly interface that lets you enjoy an easy download of the movies.




A plethora of movies are also stacked in some of the popular Android movie streaming apps. Some of these apps allow you to download the movies and save it in your created playlist. You can thus watch the movies later at your leisure even in offline mode. Most of the apps have free download option while a few premium apps have the options of weekly or monthly subscription. Here are some of the best and elite movies streaming apps for Android. These are among the top free online apps that promise you an amazing experience to relish flicks of your choice!


Crackle is one the most talked about movie app in current times that allows you to stream a plethora of flicks and TV shows. The app has gained highest popularity in Canada and US with a whooping chunk of more than 25 million users. The Crackle app is however not available on Google playstore but it has to be downloaded from its official site or the apk file from browser. There are a whole lot of Hollywood movies from all categories are already present in the app to choose from in their unedited and uncut versions. Some of the key features are as follows:

  1. You can also watch TV series using this app.
  2. New TV series and movies are added in this app every month.
  3. It helps you to manage and build your own watch list.

Flipps HD

Flipps HD is a popular Android app that allows you gain the pleasure of watching movies and series on your PCs, smart phones and tablets too. You can stream any series, TV shows, videos and movies for free using this app. The key features of the app are listed below:

  1. Flip HD allows full length watching of movies
  2. It gives you a control on the playback and volume.
  3. You can also share your videos and movies via Facebook.

Cinema Box

Cinema Box is a promising and trending app solely designed for Android devices. The app is non-chargeable and allows streaming and watching of movies for free. It is easily downloadable from the Google Playstore. The key highlights of the app are as follows:

  1. Cinema Box allows you to watch and stream the high definition quality of movies and TV series and shows.
  2. It rests on a user friendly platform and is easily accessible.
  3. The app required very low storage and is hence feasible for all Android devices. To Know More about this app Click Here.


Viewster is a popular and widely known android app for streaming movies and TV series. This app is absolutely free to use and has a lot of attractive features from a user point of view. It allows of filtration of movies based on language and you include your selected language for the preferred movie. You can have a quick search of your movie and sort and filter it. It has a colossal collection of flicks and TV shows of all genres and categories. It also allows you to get hold of movie trailers and teasers. Celebrity news and movie gossips are also update din this app with a display of biography for popular stars. The key features are highlighted below:

  1. Thousands of full length movies of all genres and categories
  2. Free access and weekly updates
  3. Creation of a wish-list to watch the movies later and Chromecast support


Hubi is yet another celebrated movie app for all Android devices. You can capture the link to download a movie or video using this free app. It has a very simple interface and provides high definition quality of pictures and videos of movies and TV series. It also works on iOS devices. The major highlights of the HUBI app as briefed below:

  1. Flash player is not required.
  2. Download videos and movies to watch later in offline mode.
  3. You can also share your favorites with your peer via social sharing spaces.

ShowBox Movie App

ShowBox is also a popular movie app for watching flicks and shows. The app is absolutely free of cost and enables you to stream numerous flicks and TV shows. The app also incorporates some distinguishing features like watching of movies and videos both in online and offline mode. The app is not present in Google play store and must be downloaded from its official site.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is one of the highest rated apps in Google Playstore where you can enjoy movies and Tv series for free. This app also has an additional feature to provide information on the movies and shows highlighting on details like movie duration, rating and its date if release. It is the highest installed app to stream movies and TV shows.


Popcornflix is another renowned app for streaming and watching movies for free. The app enables you to browse your favorite movies and videos and it also displays some features movies on its home page. The app also has the search and sort feature to filter your entries properly. You can thus enhance your search by sorting them according to the most viewed and newly added and new ways. You don’t have to login every time but can watch the flicks and TV series for free of cost!

Big Star

Big Star is majorly known for its huge collection of movies from all categories and genres. The app however doesn’t contain any TV shows but only has a colossal bank of movies including documentaries, foreign flicks and many more. The app is small in size and hence is feasible for storage occupying just about 4 MB of space. It allows unlimited usage to stream and download movies for free.

Free Movies

‘Free Movies’ is also a simple movie app that covers almost more than 5000+ movies. The app occupies very less storage and space in your Android device. It holds movies from all categories like fiction, comedy, fantasy, action, etc.


Most of the apps allow unlimited usage for free while some have some nominal charges after a certain span of time. Also, the movie streaming apps have storage feasibility and a lot more attractive features. It also allows the user to enjoy the movies in HD mode. All you movie maniacs, get started with the best movie apps and enjoy some of the best thrills right at home with your peer.

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