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How to Stop unwanted Facebook Notifications Emails to your Email Inbox.

Many people have a problem regarding this issue, getting too many notifications, unwanted emails to your Email Inbox.If you are an active user of facebook, your Email inbox may get filled with hundreds of Notification Emails daily. So if you want to filter your Email-Notifications Settings, then Click Here. Then you will be able to see Notification […]

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Facebook ‘Help – Guide’ For Everyone.

Considering the facebook official Help center, I have written this post providing with exact guidelines for your issues, doubts of facebook terms.                  Profile: Unable to login into your Facebook Account: If you can’t log into your Facebook account, you may have the option to get back into […]

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How to Enable/Recover a Disabled Facebook Account.

Many people have been searching on google about how to enable or recover a disabled facebook account. Fine! Nowadays, we all are using facebook daily and we all have many valuable posts, pictures, messages etc. But what if our facebook account gets disabled? So should we loose all our valuable friends and messages? Don’t worry, Tricks99 will […]

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Did you add ‘Trusted Contacts’ to your Facebook Account?

The new feature Trusted Contacts is the most helpful tool which helps getting into your facebook account when you are in trouble. (Ex: If you forget your facebook password and can’t get into your email account to reset then Trusted Contacts will help you)   How will this work? When you use the feature ‘Trusted […]

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How to get a Job at Facebook.

         ”The city which never sleeps is facebook” Yes and, of course, it’s true. I guess many people have heard that above sentence. 😉 Now Facebook has a Population of 1 Billion + People which Is equal to the population of 3rd Largest Country in the World. So coming to the point, Many people have […]

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